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SoCare® Slewing Drive

Slewing Drives comprise a highly robust Slewing Ring Bearing provided with gear teeth , one or several toothed drive elements (Worm Shaft), a worm gear in this case, seal , housing  and a hydraulic or an electric drive (Motor). Slewing Drives are designed for grease lubrication.In a Slewing Drive the rolling elements (Steel Balls) carry the load between the inner ring and outer ring of Slewing Ring Bearing. The raceway system’s capacity is determined predominantly by Slewing Ring Bearing design, the depth of hardening and the number and size of the rolling elements. Spacers of Slewing Ring Bearing separate the rolling elements and minimise friction and wear.

Slewing Drives  perform extremely well in a variety of applications such as:

-Aerial plateform

-Logging equipment

-Heavy Load Transporter

-Automatic Assembly Line

-Rock Drilling Machine

-Satellite Receiver

-Sraddle Carrier

-Solar Tracker

SD Series

Ideal for situations requiring load holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox, SoCare’s SD Series Slew Drives are used across a range of industries.

WD Series

WD Series Slewing Drives are designed for use in solar trackers, mining equipment, aerial lifts, cranes, digger derricks, positioners, steering systems, satellite and radar dishes, and medical applications.

ESD Series

Spur gear Slewing Drive is composed of Slewing Bearing,gear,houseing ,adapter flange,support bearing ,seal and other components.After reasonable design,component manufacturing, debugging, assembly and other processes, the products have the ability to withstand axial force,radial force,tilting moment torque and at the same time have a certain gear ratio,referred to as Slew Drives.

VD Series

Designed for both solar trackers and applications requiring horizontal-axis output, the VD family of fully enclosed vertical Slewing Drives requires no additional components for mounting.

SVD Series

The most common application of dual-axis SVD Slewing drives is planetary solar trackers, such as heliostats and concentrated photovoltaic, and satellite and radio dishes.Other applications include automotive lifts, robotic arm positioners and stage equipment.